We, at Russian Girls Forever, understand that scammers have existed ever since the very dawn of time. With the rise of the online dating and social networking industries, they have found a new way to try to scam us all, but our company is actively making every effort to keep our clients and ourselves safe from those who don’t know what an honest days work means.  With that said, let us tell you what we are doing to protect us all from those who would like to steal from our hard earned money.


We have started our Anti-Scam process with the very basics and have increased the level of security from there.

1.) Privacy Policy.

2.) Server and Internet Security.

3.)  Associate Verification. a) Have specific promotors, who represent our website internationally, which will audit our associates for compliance with our requirements; b) verify associate business licenses & proper international licensing to perform dating services within their own countries; c) background check through governmental agencies & international consumer protection agencies for potential red flags; d) review associates' track record and references for inclusion within our services; & e) provide a way for clients to voice their own complaints against any associate of our services that may have violated our terms & agreements, in order to rectify any wrongs that may have been done.

4.) Identity Verification. Each female client is personally contacted by a staff member or international promotor of our Russian Girls Forever Anti-Scam Department. Certain certified promotors within our locally verified associate locations, who are validated to combat fraud according to our company’s standards will:  a) Confirm that these Russian and/ or Ukrainian Girls exists; b) Introduce these ladies to our system and how to use it; & c) make sure these ladies are fully aware of Russian Girls Forever’s guidelines, policies,  & terms of use for access to our site’s services.

5.) Internet Intelligence Software. A Highly Advance Program developed to monitor trends most scammers use, intelligently identify new trends developing, search for Keyword Alerts within Correspondence for fraudulent activity, and forward  suspicious correspondence activities to our Anti-Scam Team for investigation and analysis.

6.) After an investigation is started; we will contact the correspondent in question, remove them from our system, place them on a blacklist, fine the associate involved, and refund the money back to our client in the US & abroad.

7.) If we find that a particular associate is failing to maintain our standards, with regard to stopping Scammers from registering through their services we will then escalate our fines. Russian Girls Forever believes strongly in the three strikes and you are out concept, which maintains that if the associate fails a third time, then this will lead to termination of our relationship with said associate all together;

8.) In addition, we utilize a financial gateway that securely processes our clients' payments & maintains privacy for clients' personal information.