"More than kisses letters mingle souls." - John Donne (1572-1632) English poet.

     Letters have been a fundamental part of human interaction from the dawn of mankind.  A man or woman’s deepest thoughts, ideas, and expressions have been recorded on documents throughout the years by way of journals, poetry, love letters, novels, and even songs. While we live in a fast paced world, there is something magical about waiting in anticipation for a letter from the one we love. Instead of being placed on the spot with instant messaging, some would like to organize their thoughts and take the time to draft their feelings and emotions in such a romantic interlude as to sweep their Ukrainian or Russian Girlfriend off their feet.

     Russian Girls Forever would like to keep this tradition alive, with a few modern improvements. We use what we would like to call the e-Letter. With our e-Letter, we are keeping the written tradition alive, while providing additional formatting tools to make your letter explode with animation if you so choose. In addition, you will have the time to draft your romantic masterpiece, while being able to send it to your sweet princess within an internet second, once you are ready to express your love.


Important Writing Tips:

1. Keep it short and simple. While you may want to write a summary of whom you are or you may want to send a history of your accomplishments, it is important to note that too much information may overload your reader. Also, please remember that this information may need to be translated if your dream lady needs a little help in understanding your response.

2. Expressing Yourself. With regard to expressing your thoughts or sharing about yourself. It is important to take your time. Don’t write everything about yourself in the first letter. It is better to reveal who you are over time, allowing her to take it all in and get to know you over time. Too much, too fast, is never a good idea.

3. Lost In Translation. It is important to remember that some of your cultural expressions, phrases, or any slang used may be very hard to translate in its original context, so our advice is to keep it simple for now, until you can build that vocabulary between each other. 

4. Writing the Familiar. If you want to be romantic and have written your very own masterpiece, it is important to note that sometimes the original meaning may come across differently in literal translation. With that said, we suggest that you try using the familiar to get your point across. What we mean by this is, try using Russian or Ukrainian writers or poets within your own text to deepen what you are trying to say to them. Of course, please quote the original writers.